Holidays and Getting Ready for Puppies!

We had a lovely Christmas and New Year’s with our family, and enjoyed watching Lina get patted (and pulled) by our sweet grandkids.

These two are great friends, and Lina puts up with a lot of “love” from little Ambrose!

Lina got to spend time by the fire, admire the Christmas decorations, and had a piece of roast beef like the rest of us.

About to get her Christmas treat.

Lots of changes in Lina indicate that she is pregnant, and we will know for sure how many puppies to expect on January 29th! Her abdomen is barrel-shaped, her appetite is increased, and her teats are enlarged and pinked up. She’s definitely gaining weight, and is sweetly clingy and not much interested in leaving our company!

I will post a picture on the day we x-ray and find out the number. Her puppies will be due the first week of February.

In the meantime, we are preparing our house for puppy time, and helping Lina get adjusted to her new surroundings. The whelping box is ready for puppies!

We think this is the perfect room for her because it’s right off of our kitchen and living rooms, but it also is private and quiet. She and her puppies will be able to hear the sounds of family life and still have their own space.

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