Kiley is born!

Our little puppy came on February 6th! She and Lina are thriving together.

Little Kiley came by c-section and weighed in at a whopping 21.4 ounces. She has been strong since the very first day, and is adding on weight well. She is at 32 oz at her one week mark.

Our whelping box is in the room right next to our kitchen. Lina and Kiley get to have their own quiet space, but can also hear the sounds of family life. Our two cats are curious, but keeping their distance. They watch Kiley move around the whelping box from the top of the nearby sofa.

Lina’s mothering instinct has developed well. She is fascinated, protective, attentive, sweet, and so happy. I’m sure she’s partly happy because she is getting so much attention and love from us. What’s not to love if you’re Lina?

Along with the milk production and licking is Lina’s need to nest. She’s finding nesting places outside the whelping box, under a wing chair in a dark corner and is shredding her blankets. It must go along with the nursing because she wasn’t nesting before Kiley was born. Fascinating to watch!

We’ve put small beanie babies in the whelping box with Kiley so she has an experience of the “puppy pile.”

More updates in a few days!

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