Eating like a big girl now!

Well, today was a very big day for Kiley. On exactly her four week mark, she began eating her puppy mush, learned how to climb out of the whelping pen, and began some initial fun training exercises.

I’m mixing Fromm large breed puppy chow with goats milk( pasteurized, not raw), and grinding it to a mushy consistency. She took to it immediately, and got three small bowls at 11 am, 3pm, and 9 pm. Lina has never had a huge amount of milk, but it’s certainly been enough for this little Chub to gain plenty of weight. I’m hoping to have a bit more control over the nursing now with the puppy chow addition. As a very young thing, she would often nurse all night long, and it’s time that was minimized, for the sake of her weight as well for a gradual weaning.

I watched Kiley figure out how to escape the whelping box, and she’s a pro now. I’ve set up the exercise pen just outside the whelping box door, and I’ve moved the potty tray in there. She’s been amazingly on target with her eliminations. It’s probably just having one puppy that makes this seem pretty straightforward, but she’s definitely getting the idea of where she goes.

I’ve been playing some fun training games with her, encouraging her human bonding. Now it’s time to mix in the two to three times a day training, for just a few minutes at a time. Using the ground up puppy chow and goat milk mush makes Kiley happy to play the games we play!

Today she’ll receive her second de-worming medicine.

We’ve had a steady stream of visitors, with my college girls home for their spring breaks! She’s loving being loved!

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