Week 5: Play time with Lina

Yesterday began week five for little Kiley. She has taken to the puppy food nicely, and Lina does not produce much milk anymore. They still nurse/sleep together in the early morning hours.

Kiley is much more adept at playing, frolicking around, and play-attacking Lina. For Lina, this is really a dream come true. Before this, the two elderly cats were her only “friends” ( besides all of us) and she’s always been underwhelmed by their lack of interest in being dogs! Lina, is so ready to rumble with Kiley though, it seems she overpowers her at times, and Kiley retreats. I’m sure this will change as their sizes equalize. It’s very interesting and and enjoyable to watch them play!


We’ve had a so many fun visitors come through this week. Two kids were home from college on Spring break, and their friends all cycled through hanging out with Kiley. Then, another visit from grandkids yesterday, and I saw again why people say kids and puppies belong together!! They all kept each other so happy and amused all day long!


I’ve been training Kiley to the clicker all this week, and she seems to be getting the connection! She does seem very attached to me and to my daughter Maureen, who has shared the caring for Kiley and Lina.

She sure is a beauty!

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