Week 5 Puppy Updates

These little fun friends had a great week!!They began exploring new rooms of the house, new surfaces to walk on, and lots of new people!

I have two helpers during the week , who love puppies, and who help me with all the details of puppy care. This week Claire helped me expose the puppies to new surfaces, and startling sounds, to help them respond to new environments and sounds with confidence.  We slammed  some doors near to them, and dropped loud items so that they could be startled, and recover with confidence.
I began clicker exposure and will continue until they go home to their families.  They’ve begun to understand that the sound of the clicker means something that tastes good! We’ll build on that.

They romp around their pen now, and can get in and out of the whelping box with ease.  Lina is down to one uncomfortable nursing a day, and they have taken very well to their mix of Fromm puppy chow, and goat milk.

They roll around chasing each other, playfully attacking each other, making such ferocious little growling sounds.

They remain completely attached to all human contact. These puppies are comfortable being held by everyone, and they noticeably look into your face while being held. They’ve always done this, but it continues. They really enjoy human interaction. They are the cutest things on the planet, so they get lots and lots of love!

Heading into Thanksgiving week, they’ll go outside for the first time for a brief foray, and will get lots of social interaction with our family arriving from college and elsewhere. I will post pics!
Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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