Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Lake Joy Goldens!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us at Lake Joy Goldens!

We were so happy we got to hand off our sweet puppy crew right around Christmas time. A wonderful treat for all their new families and a great way to close off the year for us.

We had seven healthy puppies arrive on October 14th and said goodbye to them on December 9th. This litter are from our foundation momma, Lina (check out the tab at the top of the page or keep reading below for her pedigree details) and Mystic of Poetic Gold Farm. Head to the Poetic Gold Farm website to read all about this fantastic sire.

For solo beauty shots of each puppy, check out our blog post for lots of adorable golden puppy photos!

Our puppies ended up in great homes with joyful, dog-loving people–our dream come true. Here are pictures of the puppies in their new environments, with their new, family-given names.

Clio (Miss Green) stays Clio

Clio’s new family liked her name so they kept it! Clio is already being trained to work as a therapy dog, and below is happily surrounded by preschoolers.

Ajax (Mr. Silver) becomes Captain

Ajax was named Captain by the organization Hero Dogs. Captain has entered an 18 month program for training up to work as a service dog and life companion for a disabled veteran. We are so grateful for the service and work of this impressive organization ( and thrilled that Captain has been selected to be a part of their program. We know he’s going to do great things. He has his own Instagram (@herodogscaptain) so check him out there to follow his new adventure!

Aeneas (Mr. Blue) becomes Laxin

Aeneas was named Laxin by his new family! He got to be the exciting early Christmas present this year.

Athena (Miss Pink) becomes Dagny

Miss Pink was named Dagny by her new family. It’s clear she’s settling in just fine on her Golden Retriever colored sofa!

Cassandra (Miss Aqua) becomes Mysti

Cassandra was named Mysti by her new family. She’s already made an exciting first trip to the fire station to visit her big “sister” and is loving her new play area!

Achilles (Mr. Red) becomes Beau

Achilles was named Beau by his new family. He’s looking dashing in his snazzy new collar!

Ariadne (Miss Purple) becomes Rosie

Ariadne was named Rosie by her new family. Here she is with her big brother Finn, they’re buddies now!

We are planning for new litters in 2019. Stay tuned to our website, blog, and Instagram (@lakejoygoldens) if you want to stay in the loop!

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