A busy week!

The puppies have had a full week!

They met the grandkids on Saturday, and were loved and played with whenever they were awake! They met many family friends, and have become very used to being held, and especially to being placed on their backs in someone’s lap.

They have mastered escaping from the whelping box into the puppy pen, and have begun to run and chase each other. Their faces are becoming distinctive, and are very nice looking! They mostly have Lina’s big eyes, and Mystic’s blocky head and wide muzzle.

They began solid food on Monday, and are now eating solids three times a day. They still nurse Lina and will for a few more weeks.

Now I’m beginning to “power up” the clicker: I’m introducing the clicker sound with a reward of a food treat. This is operant conditioning which enables them to figure out that they can offer behaviors to a human which will result in a reward of some kind for them. These exercises are really fun!

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