Kiley Preps for First Litter

We are announcing both Lina’s retirement and the upcoming breeding of our new Lake Joy Goldens mama, Kiley.

Our beautiful Kiley just turned two! She is our keep from Lina’s first litter with Mystic of Poetic Gold Farm. She’s a joyful, even, happy girl! She’s so smart and playful and takes all of her cues from me. She’s unflappable with other animals and children and has her father Mystic’s even temperament.

She also has his gorgeous blocky head, combined with Lina’s soulful eyes. She is a honey golden color, with excellent bone and straight correct coat. She’s a little bigger than her mother at 68 lbs.

Kiley will be bred to Forrest of Mardovar Goldens when she comes into season sometime this spring, and I will definitely be keeping a female from this pairing. Her preliminary reports on hips and elbows have been great, and we will confirm these results in May 2020.

I’m feeling very blessed to be partnering with Dodi from Mardovar. Her dogs are amazing, and she’s been placing her Goldens in service and therapy work for decades. Since I am all about excellence in conformation and temperament for our Lake Joy Goldens puppies, this partnership is a great fit.

Check back regularly here for updates about the upcoming breeding and litter! If you are interested in a Lake Joy Goldens puppy, please explore our website and fill out a puppy questionnaire.

Here are some pictures of Forrest, and a link to his pedigree: Forrest_Pedigree 

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