A Summer of Puppies

Our COVID-19 summer was made a lot brighter by the arrival of Kiley’s first litter of puppies with Forrest of Mardover Goldens.

Kiley’s mothering adventure began on June 26, 2020.  She responded so nicely as a young mom, and immediatly took to caring for her little offspring! 

She was attentive and fastidious for roughly the first three weeks, and then nursed them off and on for the final weeks.  As I introduced solid puppy food to them, they also received pasteurized goat milk to replace the mommy milk that they were getting less of.

This litter  of puppies was so incredibly peaceful, and content to be held, played with, and given a lot of attention! Many of my family were living here due to COVID-19, and that was perfect for the puppies ( and all of us!) Four puppies is a great recipe for a fun, comforting, and cozy experience during these crazy months.

My granddaughters came in July for “puppy camp” with Grandma, and they are proudly sporting their camp t-shirts.

This was a really good looking litter as well, great heads and coats, but most notable were their unflappable temperaments.

The forever families for this round of puppies are awesome and delightful, so I am a happy breeder, though I miss my little friends!

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