Week Six Puppy Updates

Busy times here as we prepared for Thanksgiving! I began to acclimate the puppies to the sound of the clicker, connected with receiving food treats. I did […]

Week 5 Puppy Updates

These little fun friends had a great week!!They began exploring new rooms of the house, new surfaces to walk on, and lots of new people! I have […]

Week Four Puppy Updates

These little cuties had  another big week! They began getting used to the Misty Method of elimination training, which is widely used by breeders, to capitalize on […]

Puppies: Week Three Updates

A couple weeks late to post this update, but here’s a look at my notes from week three with the puppies! This has got to be the […]

Week Two Update

This week the puppies went from sleeping, eating balls of fur, to little moving machines, walking ( slowly, haltingly), on all fours. Their eyes began to open […]

One Week with Puppies!

Well, these little balls of puppy have charmed me completely! They’re one week old and a couple days old, and growing and changing hourly it seems! They […]

Kiley’s First Snow Day!

We spent our first couple days of spring in a surprising last minute winter storm! We took advantage of the 6 inches of snowfall by letting Kiley […]

Week 6: Training Updates

Here’s our lovely girl.                           She has the beginnings of a luxurious coat, and is […]