Week 5: Play time with Lina

Yesterday began week five for little Kiley. She has taken to the puppy food nicely, and Lina does not produce much milk anymore. They still nurse/sleep together […]

Eating like a big girl now!

Well, today was a very big day for Kiley. On exactly her four week mark, she began eating her puppy mush, learned how to climb out of […]

So Dang Cute

The first two weeks Kiley ate and slept and Lina adapted to her new little companion. Kiley gained weight nicely, and at her two week mark had […]

The One Week Update

Kiley is one week day old today! She is lightening to a lovely nutmeg color. She is gaining nicely at 32 ounces, but is not too large. […]

Kiley is born!

Our little puppy came on February 6th! She and Lina are thriving together. Little Kiley came by c-section and weighed in at a whopping 21.4 ounces. She […]